Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

"Every journey ends where it began: home. Coming back, however, does not mean reversing the course of time, nor that of space, but inhabiting one's own place once again with the awareness and knowledge acquired away and along the way."

Giuliano Calza's GCDS Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a decisive homecoming, and the fashion show, not surprisingly, takes place in the GCDS Headquarters in Milan.
Starting from authenticity, the collection is expressed through the expansion and amplification of an idea, that of returning to the origins.
Giuliano explores the Neapolitan roots, but also the origins of the brand: all with a new awareness, which is essentially the Atelier feeling that has marked the growth of the brand in recent years.

There is a desire to mix denim and leather, but also straw and tweed. There are loafers and white socks, tailored pieces and shirts, long and short ribbed dresses and touches of glamour. All presented with a certain spontaneity, with the lightheartedness of those who appreciate formality and break it up a bit, wearing the garments instinctively.

The logo is present, but discreet, even in place of the heel. A much-loved Bakelite phone returns in the form of a wooden bag, platforms and heels elevate the wearer's silhouette.

The homecoming allows GCDS to begin a new journey.

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Giuliano Calza Design Studio - GCDS look 1 fashion show fw23-24
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Italian Sunset

Fading into an Italian night with GCDS's 24 Runway for Milan Fashion Week.
Soundtrack by Creative Director, Giuliano Calza.

Fashion Show venue

GCDS Headquarters in Milan becomes the setting for the Spring Summer 2024 fashion show.
The fashion show space is transformed into a set that recalls the atelier presentations that were a must once upon a time. Opting for a more delicate and neutral palette, such as ivory draperies and carpeted floors, the intimate and lounge-like atmosphere allows guests to bask without distraction and appreciate the true essence of the collection.
There is nothing Giuliano loves more than making clothes: objects with meaning and everyday use, companions on life's journey. Punctuating the entire fashion show is the 80s pop music of Pino D'Angiò.

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